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23rd-Dec-2019 04:32 pm - MABUHAY!

ohmiya hug
20th-Dec-2014 10:31 pm - [Fic Preview] Ero Angel AU XD
This one is finished but nope, I'm too tired to think of a title so this will have to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, it's just the obligatory smut, so, yeah :D

Sex with an angel. HEH.Collapse )
17th-Dec-2014 09:33 pm - [Fic Preview] For Life
So I am alive but RL has been a hectic roller coaster ride. Or maybe it's just me being lazy, or something, I don't know. I've been writing too but there's this thing I've been working on for almost a year now that I couldn't seem to finish, and then a week ago, I started checking it out again. I'm not sure but I really do want to try and finish this one at least by early next year, maybe I'd be able to earn something from it. I don't know, I'm still not sure.

Anyway, preview. This is Sakumoto and Ohmiya, as always.

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15th-Dec-2014 10:38 pm - Hoho

Goodnight <3

15th-Dec-2014 01:48 pm - Cool app is cool

Seriously this application <3

ETA : If you're using Android phone, you can download the app in playstore it is called MYDOL XD very very cool XD I couldn't stop fiddling with my phone and I probably screencapped a hundred messages already, LOL

14th-Dec-2014 08:36 pm - There's cd too!

And my Happiness Is Doubled Now :)))) sweetspicyhot you have to include The Digitalian cd too??? im sobbing now oh my god

14th-Dec-2014 06:45 pm - Another gift received!

sweetspicyhot bb, I got the package oh my god my fingers are shaking! the act magazine, oh my god and these Leader photos i am literally crying now

Excuse my camera's resolution but ohmy god I own official shop photos now. I love you, sweetspicyhot

13th-Dec-2014 11:09 pm - Otp alert!

Twitter is filled with these photos and man, I am one happy shipper :)

10th-Dec-2014 07:19 pm - December Fic Fest is on!
In honor of ohmiya_haven's rockin' new layout, of course by the amazing and wonderful and did I say amazing? angel of mine, renchan27, I decided to do another challenge, wahoo! but since it's already the 10th today, I will try my best to catch up :D there's a specific them by the way so, wish me luck?
So I'm posting this here despite the fact that it's scary and people might even look at me differently. I guess it's a good thing this is the internet and despite the fact that people might judge me here, they won't probably go to the extreme and call me personally to tell me how horrible I am as a person.

So just a little warning, this post is long and entirely unplanned but I did manage to write this in one sitting despite shedding a few tears (a lot, actually) while I was writing this. I just. I don't know what else to say.

No fic tonight but this, here, could be one if you want it to be.

If you're curious enough, do read along.

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6th-Dec-2014 10:17 pm - It's almost the end...
Year's almost over, can you believe that? Lots of things happened in life, particularly with mine that I wonder if I will ever be able to share with people, at least those that I considered close to me. I've always been wary of getting too close to people because usually, it left me disappointed. and this time's not an exception. I'm just. I'm glad that there are people who still go out of their way to make me smile, be it through simple words of kindness or just a simple hello. Five years in the fandom and yet I'm still not used to disappointments, or harsh words, or being ignored. I don't know, I'm sensitive like that. I'm sorry.

Anyway, advance Merry Christmas. I do wish we'll have a better year ahead than the one we're leaving behind us now.

Let's keep our finger's crossed.
3rd-Dec-2014 11:14 pm - FNS 2014
Gorgeous guys are gorgeous.
Enough said.
26th-Nov-2014 10:31 pm - Line app

I Recently Downloaded The App. But How To Use It And Hoe To Add Friends? Ugh.

26th-Nov-2014 03:56 pm - Happy birthday, Leader!

and it's the day again when all of us are thanking your wonderful mother for ALWAYS giving birth to you, you old man. 34 years old, wow, and here we are thinking the only Arashi member who is aging backwards is Nino but looking at you, clearly, we are wrong.

I hope you had a wonderful today, despite the fact that you were working. I hope your bandmates at least treated for dinner because you deserved it.

I remember the first time I heard you sing, and back then I was still very much in love with Matsumoto-san, but right then and there, you caught me. From then on, there was no turning back. I fell in love with you the first time I heard you sing One Love, and everyday since.

There aren't enough words to convey how thankful I am for you, for Arashi, for being the only constant thing in my life these past years. I hope that despite the fact that you don't know I exist, you are aware that the very reason you are alive is enough to make me, and a lot of people happy.

Best wishes to you and I'm glad I'm part of your fanbase. I love you, old man.

23rd-Nov-2014 10:47 pm - [Fic Preview] Untitled - Sakumoto
So, this fic. Is. dramatic.

That's it. Kbye.

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22nd-Nov-2014 09:53 pm - [Fic Preview] Marks of Desire
Note : so, the accidental Marks series heh. this one is completed but I'm not going to post this until... tomorrow XD no really, let me at least give you a little something to look forward to, okay? LOL. I mean, two posts a night is well and good but --- nope, it's not gonna happen tonight, no matter how much you beg, sorry? XD

anyway, preview, because I'm evil like that.

Also, this is what happens after Cruel XD see, gambitsfox, I wrote it :D

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17th-Nov-2014 02:21 pm - gift received!

Pam darling gambitsfox oh my god I got your gift and I'm so happy I could kiss you right now if you're here!  I love you!

my desk is filled with Arashi photos and the Arashi Hawaii necklace is so pretty :) I'm so happy darling Pam, thank you :))

13th-Nov-2014 11:21 pm - [Fic Preview] Sakumoto - Bound to you
Note : currently about 2k words, probably not going to stop there, though. Based on that VS Arashi Hawaii episode :D

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the photos are out! and I want the brooch and the bag :( it's so difficult to be a broke fangirl :((

in other news. these are out too!


I managed to watch a few bits of the documentary and I'm pretty sure the minute I watched  the full version, I'll be a sobbing mess. the boys are wonderful and I know I've said this before but I'm saying it again,  I AM SO PROUD TO BE AN ARASHI FAN.

3rd-Nov-2014 09:53 pm - apologies

Wtf I posted something and it ended up posted in another community,  lol.

Anyway, as I said, drabbles 3 and 4 will be posted tomorrow because Im not feeling well tonight so I decided to sleep this off.


1st-Nov-2014 08:12 pm - one, two, three, SCREAM!

tonight's Shiyagare was EPIC. at least based on the million tweets I am trying to scroll for the last half hour lol.

there's half naked Aiba.

my OTP :)

again :)

Sho and his pink phone :)

Jun's shopping escapade

Aiba-chan's gift to Jun

Jun shopping for expensive things without even checking the price because he's a fucking star :)

and Kazunari loud -mouth Ninomiya telling the whole world about Jun's overpriced expenses. lol.


at work and writing because I can. lol
and because I want to finish this now before I lose the will to write again. wish me luck?

31st-Oct-2014 09:15 pm - [Drabble] Somewhere there
Title : [Drabble] Somewhere there
Author : Jadey
Rating : R
Pairing : Jun/Sho
Summary: Jun sometimes wonder about freedom, about a different life whenever the gnawing feeling of wanting to touch Sho so badly comes back stronger than it does in normal days and wishes it would be that easy to choose another path than the one they both chose for themselves.
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Note : 3rd drabble, yaay! TO MY REGULAR SAKUMOTO READERS and for all you Sakumoto shippers. okay, so I might write Ohmiya for last?


He knows because he feels the same thing, too; the only difference, maybe, is the fact that Sho thinks he's stronger than he actually is, that he's better at keeping his emotions and his urges reined in.Collapse )
31st-Oct-2014 08:46 pm - [Drabble] Out and about

Title : [Drabble] Out and about
Author : Jadey
Pairing : Ohno/Sho
Rating : NC 17
Summary : In retrospect, Sho, in all honesty, didn't see this one coming.
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Note : 2nd drabble, let's see if I can do this XD for all you YAMA shippers XD (oh my god, are all the drabbles going to turn out filthy? /hides)


He's not even sure what he did that ticked Ohno off, enough for the older man to walk out of the meeting room with the sourest expression plastered on his face, his shoulders stiff as he sliped out of the door.Collapse )

31st-Oct-2014 08:16 pm - [Drabble] Have it your way
Title : [Drabble] Have it your way
Author : Jadey
Rating : NC 17
Pairing : Sho/Nino (woah!)
Summary : There are just a few things he hates about being in a relationship with Sho. And one of those is when Sho fails at keeping his mouth shut when his own is otherwise occupied.
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Note : Feel Good Friday, everyone:D oh, surprised? THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU SAKUMIYA SHIPPERS. oh, and right now, I feel like writing drabbles for all Arashi pairings. Just a feeling. Let me try it while it's still early :D


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29th-Oct-2014 03:30 pm - writing partner?

I wonder if anyone is willing to be my writing partner?

in other news,

gorgeous,  isn't he?

28th-Oct-2014 08:55 pm - Promoting new community
So dear keshichan has put up a new community for Arashi fanfic authors which is stormclockwork. I've gone over the community rules and such and I think it's cool. I would have signed up if not for the fact that I know myself when it comes to writing -- I mean, it would be good to collaborate with someone, I've done that a few times in the past but the problem is that most of the time, I lose the will to write and that would be embarrassing for the other person who I will collaborate with. I mean, my life is pretty much ruled by work lately, and my other responsibilites and committing to writing with someone else is going to be pretty hard. But, um, I'm thinking about it really. Also, for someone who'd been bashed a quite number of times for being a lame writer, being mentioned as a reader's favorite author is, wow, kind of unbelievable :D

So guys, so guys, you head on to that community and fill up the forms XD 
27th-Oct-2014 10:24 pm - Let it all out.
So I remember being told by someone, a few years ago, that a good writer has the power to write something and make it believable. How a writer's imagination takes his/her reader into a world that doesn't exist.

And then somebody told me that I was lacking the imagination in all of my fics. But somehow, I am good with writing emotions. I don't even know what that means, until I started writing Book of Tears. It's like, how do you even write pain, or anger, happiness and the likes and make sure your reader can feel it. I'm still not sure. Even now, I am still not sure.
As requested by the lovely, neenashareefa, currently around 1700 words. Will be ready to be posted tomorrow :D sort of continuation of Supposedly Beneficial :D

Lover's quarrel?Collapse )
25th-Oct-2014 11:10 pm - Down for you

it's 11 now. why am I even awake?

"If I told you I loved you,  would you stay?"

Sho doesn't even blink, doesn't even stop from shoving his clothes into his bag.

"It's a little too late for that, Jun," Sho says, and stands up, hitching his bag up his shoulder. Jun wants to say something but Sho chooses that moment to walk right up to him reaches out to cup his cheek.

"But if it makes you feel better," Sho says, smiling indulgently, "I would have stayed but my flight leaves in a couple of hours and I can't miss it. well talk about this love when I get back, alright?"

He snorts and leans to steal a kiss, because he can. "Take care, you jerk,"

Sho kisses him back. "Yeah, I love you, too,"

25th-Oct-2014 10:57 pm - All out

A/N: yo!

"Look me in the eye and tell me straight to my face that you don't want me,"

He blinks and shakes his head, would have even scoffed if he could,  but.

"You don't get to ask me that," he says instead, "you lost every right to ask me  anything the minute you pulled that shit. And I am not that dumb to let you fuck around while you keep me inside your fucking pocket,"

A sigh, then. "I - who says I'm fucking around --"

"I'm not that stupid,  Satoshi,  and do save your fucking breath because whatever you're selling, I'm not buying it"

"You're impossible, "

"And you're stupid if you think I'm going to let you near me just because my dick has a fucking mind of its own,"

Ohno makes an almost frustrated sound from the back of his throat, and gives him no warning as he finds himself being shoved into the wall with Ohno's body pressed against him.

"Well, I don't really need your permission to be able to do that, do I?"

"Fuck, let go of me! "

Ohno grins and rolls his hips into him, and a moan dislodged itself from the back of his own throat. His hands flying onto Ohno's shoulders like his life depended on it.

"No," Ohno says, leaning up to lick his chin. "No, Nino,  I don't think so," Ohno says and dives in.

Because for once, I am not in the office while my fellow fangirls are trying not to pop a few of their blood vessels watching Arashi's performance.

Caps because who can resist Arashi in white and shaking their booties? I mean, bodies. LOL.

20th-Oct-2014 10:01 pm - Oh, hey, fic?
Note : brain’s out for a walk so I can’t vouch for the coherency of this thing. I just. Yeah.

Threesome goodies.Collapse )
18th-Oct-2014 10:46 pm - Arashi's new album, The Digitalian
I'm able to finally download the album, the PV and the PV making and I must say, my reaction wasn't like when I listened to the previous albums, ie. Scene, Popcorn (omg!) and Love. I think it's because the songs in this album are completely different from Arashi's usual songs, but it's definitely NOT a bad thing! And well, I must say even Leader's solo didn't quite cut it, I mean, I remembered feeling like my fingers hadn't stopped shaking while I was listening to Shizuka na yoru ni, and then there's Hung Up on, and Two and Hit the floor. So different, I must say. But I think Tell me why is perfection, like, seriously. The boys are learning to harmonize now, with Nino and Aiba doing the back up vocals, along with Sho. I haven't listen to the rest, but the solo songs are cool too. Sho-san's is very nice, Nino's too, kind of expected, I think, given the title. And Jun, oh well, I'm going to look forward to the live concert version of that song, heh.

Oh, the PV was cute but again, not the usual thing that I expected. There were a few Ohmiya moments so I'm not going to complain anymore, plus the ending was super cute. I think that was the first time they did that, filming themselves as they performed their song, very nice. Oh, and I was laughing at Jun, and Nino who was looking at Aiba when Aiba was like, 'oh my god, bless you Matsujun for screwing up because I'm sure the fans didn't see that one coming'. So hilarious :DDDD

The choreography's a little tame, given the fact that it's Captain who choreographed it. But oh, well, I guess he has to make sure to come up with dance steps for his bandmates' level and not his level, because hello, choreography for Hit the floor, remember? Surely, none of the four are going to be able to memorize those complicated footwork, right? I am so biased, hahahah.

Oh, did I mention there's Ohmiya? <3 Caps under the cut because there are like, a million :D

18th-Oct-2014 10:44 am - leaks are out

..... and I'm here at work hoping for a quick death. ugh.

11th-Oct-2014 09:55 pm - I'm awwwww - ing so bad right now XD
So I just watched Abunai Yakai and I'm still repeating that part where Ohno is SLURRING AND IS OBVIOUSLY EXTREMELY DRUNK and mock-strangling Sho and then JUN VOLUNTARILY HUGGING SHO.


10th-Oct-2014 07:08 pm - OH!
Watching Beautiful World and I just realized this is the Arashi concert that I have not watched more than I should. I think I watched their 2008 Koku concert the most (it's my favorite), followed by Arafes 2012. And wow, the setlist on this concert was very very good!

/goes back to watching.
6th-Oct-2014 07:20 pm - hey.

you know what, I think it would be wonderful to be someone else's Ohno. I'd like that. I think I missed falling in love.

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