Hello, hello

Sorry for being MIA. Life happened, a.k.a my laptop dying on me for good. Took a break from writing because of it, and somehow ended up scouring YT to occupy my time. Found Thai BL series in the process, and boom. LOL. Just managed to save up to buy myself a CPU, so, yeah. Getting back at writing will take a while, so, yeah. How are you guys doing? Hope you're still staying safe. Talk to you soon!

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Feedback? Thoughts?

  Ah, hello, hello. How are you guys doing? Hopefully better. Anyway, just posting a little something here to ask for opinion? Or feedback, or something. So, Book of Tears is being edited (okay, who am I kidding. I'm actually rewriting this shit), because for some reason, I have decided to print it into a book? That's shameless, I know, but, oh never mind. Okay, so this part has been completely re-written. Excerpt below. Let me know what you think? At least those who have read this, or want to read it? Whatever lol.

Not gonna post the whole thing, but just the entry at the end. XD

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[Fic] Peach

Title : Peach

Rating : Mature

Genre : Het. Friendship. Smut

Pairing :

Summary : Teacher’s meeting gone wrong? Smut ensues.

Note : This is a gift. I know, I’m bad like that. Also, the filth in this is real. You have been warned. For you, yellowbiased - YOU WANTED THIS, RIGHT? YEAH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HAHAHAHHA OH MY GOD

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Happy New Year, y'all!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration with you and your loved ones. I couldn't say the same for myself but, guess that was to be expected, huh? Heh. Anyway, as the saying goes, SHOW MUST GO ON (or was that Arashi who said that?) It's not the end of the world and though it feels like it, it's NOT.

Okay, enough of that. Here's me hoping the coming year is going to be better than the previous one and that this ongoing pandemic finds the exit fast. It's been staying here long enough, don't you think?

Right, enough of that. Happy new year, stay home and stay safe. Mata ne?


This is 5x21

This is Arashi (LE+RE)

This is the one and only Arashi! On November 3, 2020, the same day as their CD debut date, Arashi brings their long-awaited 17th album. The album's title indicates that it simply contains songs that the group wants to deliver to listeners amid all the changes and challenges. Besides new tracks, This is ARASHI includes the singles Brave and Kaito and their digital singles Turning Up and In the Summer. (YesAsia)

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